Hydraulics Simulation Software & Hydraulics Training For Oil & Gas Industry

Welcome To SYSTEK

SYSTEK is a Consulting firm providing pipeline engineering, hydraulics simulation software for the OIL and gas industry. We started operations in 1982.

Engineering services include feasibility studies, steady state and transient(surge) hydraulic analysis, cost estimating and economic evaluations for pipelines, pump stations and compressor stations for the water, oil, gas and energy industries.

Our Products


Saved me time..

I had to run over a dozen cases one day and only GASMOD - Gas pipeline Hydraulics software provided me the ease of use and accuracy of results.

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Great software...

I used GASMOD to model a very long pipeline with 20 compressor stations for an overseas client. Compared to the other clunky model my...

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Easiest to use!

LIQTHERM help me immensely in my hydraulics studies involving heated heavy crude pipelines. I was able to model pumps in series and...

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Fantastic product!

PUMPCALC must be the best centrifugal pump software available. You can model single pump, multiple pumps and system...

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