Liquid Pipeline Hydracuics | Hydraulics Simulation Software & Hydraulics Training For Oil & Gas Industry

Attend this two-day Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics Workshop and get a fully functioning software package FREE!. This a free license to use the LIQTHERM software for 60 days. Ideal for Engineers, Technicians, Operators, Supervisors, Managers and those who want a refresher in Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics. A fully interactive workshop, solving real-world pipeline hydraulics problems, WITHOUT THE COMPLICATED MATH!. Apply the principles learned at this workshop to immediate use at your workplace. This workshop can also be customized and conducted at your company site.

What you will learn at this hands-on workshop:

Understand the important liquid properties such as specific gravity, API gravity, viscosity in centipoise, centistokes, SSU and SSF and how to convert between various units. Effect of vapor pressure and bulk modulus.

Concept of liquid pressure versus liquid head. Flow regimes, such as laminar and turbulent flow. Critical flow and transition region. Importance of Reynold's number in determining the type of flow. Average velocity of flow in a pipe.

Understand and use the various pressure drop formulas such as Hazen-William, Colebrook-White, Darcy-Weisbach, Miller, MIT and T.R.Aude equations for steady state flow in liquid pipelines. Quick pressure drop calculations.

Effect of Drag Reduction Agent in improving pipeline flow rate.

Understand batching different products in a pipeline.

How to size pipelines for specified flow rate and pressure limitations. Calculate Maximum Operating Pressure (MAOP) and Hydrotest pressures per ANSI B31.4 and DOT code.

How to determine the optimum location of pump stations for hydraulic balance on long distance pipelines.

Calculate the horsepower required at each pump station for given throughput.

Analyze centrifugal pumps for various impeller sizes and speeds. Calculate impeller trim size to reduce energy loss. Understand NPSH required versus NPSH available and its effect on pump cavitation. How to correct pump performance for viscous liquids.

Actual case studies in maximizing pipeline throughput. Limitations of pumps. How to increase flow rate. De-bottlenecking pipelines. Conserving energy and calculating energy lost in mismatched pumps and due to pump throttling.

Transient flow in liquid pipelines. Calculation of surge pressures generated due to valve closures and pump shutdown. Application of pressure relief valves and determining high pressure shutdown for pump stations. Impact of surge pressures on ANSI 150 piping at the pipeline terminus.

This unique workshop takes the mystery out of pipeline hydraulics and enables you to put to immediate use everything you learn at this workshop.

Bring your laptop computer to this workshop and solve real-world pipeline engineering hydraulics problems using the free software provided!

Your instructor: E. Shashi Menon, P.E. will conduct the workshop. He has over 35 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry, having held positions of Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Engineering Manager and Chief Engineer for various Oil and Gas companies in the USA. He has taught engineering and computer courses and authored several technical papers. He has also developed and co-authored over a dozen PC software programs for the oil and gas industry. He has authored 4 books in Pipeline Design, published by McGraw-Hill, Marcel-Dekker, CRC Press and Elsevier.

The workshop will start promptly at 8:30 AM and will be over by 5:00 PM each day. A lunch break and two coffee breaks will be scheduled. Registration fee includes lunch. A workshop manual and a full-functioning software disk (limited license to use the retail software for a period of two months) with User Manual will be provided as part of the workshop.